Some Current Trends in Garage Door Design

Glass Garage Doors

This year, contemporary and modern are the trendy look you'll want to incorporate in your home's exterior. If you're planning to update your look, look no further than a frosted glass garage door. This style is especially beneficial if you tend to work in your garage. Glass garage doors come in a variety of options with other materials like wood and steel. If you're going for the contemporary look, be sure to find styles with plenty of straight lines in natural finishes.

Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors have been gaining in popularity the past few years. They are now one of the hottest home exterior items to have. Many have been integrated with glass options to continue with the modern garage door look that's trendy this year. However, the classic wood garage door look is still hot, especially those in the carriage style. The average cost of a wood garage door ranges between $1,395 and $2,990.